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Terminal Cleaning Services

KEMTEX specializes in Terminal Cleaning the following areas and more: 

Surgery Department    Sterile Processing    Operating Rooms    Patient Treatment Areas

Emergency Department    Food & Nutrition    Post-Construction Areas

Terminal Cleaning Services

KEMTEX has spent the last 40 years becoming the Dallas/Fort Worth area’s foremost experts in commercial cleaning services with an emphasis on the Healthcare industry.  There’s clean and then there’s KEMTEX clean.

The KEMTEX Difference

Satisfaction Guaranteed

KEMTEX is so confident we’re the best at what we do, we offer what no one else will.  We guarantee you will be satisfied with our service.


Logging over 1 million man hours in operating rooms, emergency rooms, patient treatment and public areas, Kemtex has become the Dallas/Fort Worth area’s healthcare industry’s indispensable partner.


KEMTEX medical cleaning services are in demand!  We currently service over 50 healthcare and medical facilities and 90% of the area’s hospitals.  We can safeguard patient treatment areas, operating rooms, emergency rooms, surgery departments, and isolation rooms against Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI), such as MRSA, Covid-19, Staph/Strep, Influenza and others.


KEMTEX Clean That You Need

Protect Your Facility

The average cost of a relatively small (40 patients) outbreak of an HAI  is estimated to be nearly 1 million dollars.  A complete top down cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of your pre-operative/post-operative, surgical, isolation and intensive care unit rooms by trained, experienced professionals is your best insurance.

Cleaned to the Highest Standard

KEMTEX uses the guidelines set out by the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) as the standard for what constitutes a clean, disinfected and sanitized  OR, I.C.U., or surgical center.

Clean That Meets Regulations

KEMTEX Terminal Cleaning Services provides a level of thoroughness unmatched by competitors.  We can help your facility prepare for JCAHO inspections and insure you maintain your Joint Commission accreditation.

KEMTEX Clean When You Need it

Terminal Cleaning on Your Terms

Whether you want to completely outsource all of your facility’s terminal cleaning, or you would prefer a skilled staff under the direction of your own leadership team, KEMTEX can fulfill your requirements. You work with a single point of contact. We handle the rest. 

Our Expertise at Your Command

KEMTEX staff are trained by us, insured by us, managed by us. Why make Terminal Cleaning your custodial staff’s job, when it’s already our profession?

For more information or to receive your free quote contact us or call (800)201-4686.