Terminal Cleaning Services

KEMTEX specializes in Terminal Cleaning the following areas and more: 

Surgery Department    Sterile Processing    Operating Rooms    Patient Treatment Areas

Emergency Department    Food & Nutrition    Post-Construction Areas

For more than 40 years KEMTEX has been on the leading edge of Terminal Cleaning Services.  Logging over 1 million man hours in operating rooms, emergency rooms, patient treatment and public areas, KEMTEX has become the American health industry’s indispensable partner.


The old adage says that an ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure, but what is the true worth of a professional terminal cleaning?  The average cost of a relatively small (40 patients) outbreak of an Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI) is estimated to be nearly 1 million dollars.  Those costs include not just treating the patients but the additional cleaning and revenue lost from closed rooms and surgical procedures that cannot be performed. 

MRSA, and Staph has always been an ever present pathogen in surgical and patient treatment areas, but now Covid-19 and it's ability to survive on surfaces for a prolonged period means medical centers and hospitals must be more vigilant than ever before.  Which means being more thorough and consistent with your terminal cleaning.


Of course you have your O.R.’s and Isolation rooms cleaned but, by who?  Many Hospitals mistakenly view environmental maintenance as the easiest place to trim budgets. Are you relying on your own internal custodial staff to effectively perform terminal cleanings, on top of their other duties?  Have they been trained properly?


Whether you want to completely outsource all of your facility’s terminal cleaning, or you would prefer a skilled staff under the direction of your own leadership team, KEMTEX can fulfill your requirements.


You work with a single point of contact. We handle the rest. KEMTEX staff are trained by us, insured by us, managed by us.  


Why make Terminal Cleaning your custodial staff’s job, when it’s already our profession?


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