Residential Drapery Dry Cleaning

KEMTEX specializes in dry cleaning and sanitizing the following types of window treatments: 

Draperies  Sheers    Valances & Cornices   Cascades & Swags

Roller / Solar Shades   Roman Shades   

The same level of professionalism and detail KEMTEX provides when dry cleaning commercial draperies and window treatments is now available for residential service!  40 years of experience in dry cleaning techniques and expertise can now be applied to your private residence.


Your home is a point of pride for you.  It is a reflection of you; your style, your taste, and your personality. Of course you always want to present yourself with your best foot forward.  That’s why you regularly have your carpets shampooed and vacuumed, your floors are polished and your yard is landscaped.  Why ignore your window treatments?


KEMTEX will pick up, dry clean, and then return your drapes to your door. It seems simple, but, believe it or not, other drapery cleaning services have, shall we say, a more “unique” approach. You would never try to  clean, dry, and iron your clothes while you were still wearing them, so why try to clean your drapes while they are still hanging in your window?  


That’s what many drapery cleaning services do though.  This method, however, doesn’t reach the pleats where dirt accumulates, and steam actually will only embed the soil into the fabric further as well as leave your curtains and drapes looking wrinkled and limp.


Let KEMTEX provide the better solution.  We have spent 40 years manufacturing and cleaning curtains and drapes, so we know a thing or two about it.  Contact us for details and pricing.


Corporate Offices

13900 Senlac Drive

Dallas, TX 75234


Tel: (972) 241-1101

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