Privacy Curtain Cleaning

KEMTEX specializes in the cleaning and sanitizing of the following types of items: 

Hospital Privacy Curtains   Shower Curtains  Shower Liners  

Window Draperies  Window Top Treatments  Blinds    Shades

KEMTEX has set the standard in Hospital and Medical center curtain cleaning and sanitizing.  Not only do we provide a level of clean greater than the industry demands but we can perform our services so seamlessly that there is little to no disruption to patients and staff. 


Hospital curtains represent one of the most overlooked areas of cross contamination.  A 2015 research study tracked 10 curtains after they were installed in patient rooms.  After only 14 days 9 curtains tested positive for MRSA despite the fact that none of the patients in those rooms were infected with MRSA. 


Flash forward to today, where we are in the midst of a pandemic brought on by Covid-19, a corona virus that, among other features, has an exceptionally long life span on external surfaces.  This highlights the need for constant cleaning and sanitizing of hospital privacy curtains by a firm that knows what they’re doing.

For over 40 years KEMTEX has been cleaning Dallas’ hospital curtains.  In that time we have developed a proprietary cleaning system like none other in the industry, meeting all certification and accreditation requirements. 


KEMTEX can clean all of your facility’s cubicle and patient room privacy curtains, but we don’t stop there.  We also service shower curtains and liners, window top treatments and draperies, and even window blinds and shades.  All of these surfaces are vulnerable to cross contamination with a single touch, cough, or sneeze.


Keep your institution running like a well oiled machine and lessen the risk of a Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI).  Contact KEMTEX for information.


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