Pressure Washing

KEMTEX specializes in the following types of areas: 

High Visibility Areas   Building Entrances    Outdoor Atriums

Campuses    Drives    Valet Areas    Parking Garages

KEMTEX can ensure the face of your building and grounds reflects the high level of service and quality found on the inside, with our Pressure Washing Services.  With the use of our proprietary 3 step process, and the attention to detail you have come to expect from KEMTEX products and services, you can be sure the image you have proudly crafted for yourself and your business will be visible before your visitors even step through the door.


First impressions matter.  Whether it’s a date or a job interview, the care you put into how you present yourself to others is a message in and of itself.  How much do you spend on a haircut, your wardrobe, your gym membership?  Now how much do you spend on the outside of your facilities and grounds?  Your entrances, atriums, parking and seating areas?  The outside of your building and the care you put into maintaining it sends a message to your employees, clients and visitors.  What are you telling them versus what you would like to be telling them?


KEMTEX will fully manage the service whether it be daily, weekly, monthly, or even if you require a customized schedule based on your own particular traffic patterns.  Our Pressure Washing Services are successfully employed across college and industrial campuses, parking garages and lots, outdoor atriums and drives, entrances and valet areas, and any other high visibility areas that require a spotless appearance.


Additionally, thanks to KEMTEX's 40-plus years of experience with the healthcare industry we can provide our Pressure Washing Services to medical establishments as well, including ambulance bays, patient drop off/pickup areas, trash and bio-collection areas and loading docks.


Project a clean image, protect your reputation, contact us for a quote to professionally pressure wash your building and grounds.


Corporate Offices

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Dallas, TX 75234

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