MVP Barrier 

KEMTEX MVP specializes in killing the following pathogens: 

 Encapsulated Corona Type Viruses    Influenza A2, B    HIV-1    Herpes Simplex Type I, II

 Mumps   C-Diff  Strep/Staff • Methycillin Resistant Staph, Aureus (MRSA)

Odorless, Spray-able, Pathogen Barrier offers effective protection for up to a year!

KEMTEX has the long lasting convenient solution to cross contamination you need to drastically reduce the number of HAIs in your facility.  KEMTEX has developed a Microbe/Virus Protection (MVP) barrier.  This EPA registered agent chemically bonds to surfaces creating a durable but flexible layer of positively charged microscopic spikes that destroy pathogens on contact.


It’s the 21st century and we continue to discover infectious agents spreading from person to person.  Unfortunately that discovery happens after the fact, long after containment is possible, long after an outbreak has done it’s damage.  Damage to individuals, your costs, your productivity and your trust.


Nearly two hundred years ago the link between washing hands and the reduction of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) was made.  Two hundred years later and somehow it’s still Health Care Workers hands that carry most of the responsibility for cross contamination.  While they may be washing properly between touching patients how many surfaces do they come into contact with before they do?  Can every sneeze and cough be prevented and tracked?  Statistically speaking most hospitals lack the time, staff, and resources to clean public waiting areas, and patient rooms more than once a day.


MVP can be applied to both hard and soft surfaces.  So the desktop and the cushioned seats of a workstation in an exam room can be treated with a single product. MVP is colorless and odorless so it’s presence will not disturb patients or staff.  MVP will protect surfaces for a year regardless of how frequently you regularly clean these surfaces.  


MVP will kill corona type viruses, HIV 1, Herpes Simplex type 1 and 2, Mumps, Strep, Staff, Influenza A2 and B, and MRSA; the most likely infectious agents to spread throughout a healthcare establishment. 


When looking for the means to safeguard your staff and patients you will not find a more cost effective, reliable, efficient method than MVP.  Let KEMTEX and MVP help protect your facility and all who enter it.  


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