Kitchen Cleaning

KEMTEX specializes in the following types of facilities and areas: 

Kitchens    Food Service Areas    Cafeterias  

Vent Hoods  Restaurants  

KEMTEX’s Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services can provide you with a deep cleaning that not only will leave your kitchen spotless and sparkling, but also sanitized so thoroughly it will leave you confident knowing it will pass the most intense scrutiny regardless of who is inspecting it.


For over 40 years KEMTEX has been the leader in commercial cleaning services in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.   It’s safe to assume a company that cleans and sanitizes 90% of the hospitals in the region knows what clean is.  Now imagine a commercial kitchen cleaning service that offers that same attention to detail and care provided to the medical and healthcare industry.  That’s KEMTEX clean!


We have experience servicing kitchens, as well as dining and food service areas be it a restaurant, cafeteria, or any setting where food is prepared and served for any industry.  With KEMTEX you can rely on staff and personnel who are dedicated to bringing out the best in your kitchen, and have the years under their belts and the satisfied customers to prove it.


KEMTEX offers regularly scheduled services, and one time deep cleanings, as well as specialized services such as new kitchen construction clean-up, and scheduled vent hood cleanings.  Of course we can provide nightly service that will not interfere with staff and resources during your regular hours of operation.


Your kitchen provides not just delicious food, but nutritious sustenance for all who enter.  It won’t matter where you source your ingredients or how careful you are in preparing and storing your food products; if your kitchen isn’t clean, your meals aren’t healthy.  Make sure it is.  Make sure your kitchen is KEMTEX clean!  Contact us for details and pricing.


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