Healthcare Staffing

KEMTEX specializes in the following types of staff: 

House Keeping   OR Terminal Cleaning Staff   Floor Techs   Day Porters

Healthcare Staffing Services

FInding additional support staff for a healthcare facility is not as simple as calling a temp agency, especially in the midst of a crisis.  That’s why KEMTEX should be your first call.  We offer the Dallas/Fort Worth area’s healthcare industry flexible long term and short term qualified support staff solutions.

 You Don’t Have to be Overwhelmed

We’re Ready Even If You Aren’t

Kemtex is always ready anytime to help fill the gaps when you have a sudden influx of patients, be it from a localized event to an ongoing nationwide crisis. Whether it’s for housekeeping, floor porters, terminal services cleaning, custodial, and floor techs, Kemtex will have your back and ensure that you are never short handed again. 

KEMTEX Does the Hard Part For You

KEMTEX recruits experienced support staff from the Healthcare industry and then further trains them.  They report to you, they answer to you, but we take care of the benefits, the wages, the deductions.  We take care of all the rest, because if you suddenly need extra help, you probably don’t have time to.

KEMTEX Will Take Care of it

Support Staff When You Need it

Kemtex can provide additional, experienced staff for your facility in a matter of hours.  Our temporary staff are qualified to provide support in patient rooms, ER departments, and other patient care areas.  They can even perform OR, I.C.U., Sterile Room Terminal cleaning services, bio-waste and trash collection, campus maintenance, and floor care projects.

You Can’t Afford Mistakes

There have been many critical takeaways from the recent Covid-19 pandemic, but if you manage staff at a hospital or medical facility the greatest is how quickly your personnel can be overwhelmed.  Overworked staff can make mistakes and mistakes in a hospital could mean the difference between life and death.

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