Healthcare Laundry

KEMTEX specializes in the following types of items: 

Hospital Privacy Curtains    Shower Curtains   Draperies  

NICU Items  Scrubs & Lab Coats    Microfiber Items    Comforters & Bedding

KEMTEX Healthcare Laundry Services Hero

Healthcare Laundry Services

For nearly a half century KEMTEX has been servicing the needs of the Dallas/Fort Worth area’s healthcare industry, including their laundry services.  With a state of the art healthcare laundry facility we guarantee your items will be gently, yet thoroughly, cleaned and completely disinfected.

The KEMTEX Promise

Satisfaction Guaranteed

After 40 years in the business of commercial cleaning for the healthcare industry, KEMTEX knows we are the best.  In fact we are so confident with how impressed you will be, that we are the only ones in the business to guarantee your satisfaction.

Protecting Your Investment

Thorough and Gentle 

Your linen and laundered items represent a sizable portion of your annual operating expenses.  Obviously you want to get the most out of them. To do that requires a company with the expertise to  collect, clean, and return your laundry with the care and attention the healthcare industry demands.

Never Commingle Your Items

Just as you expect to “get out what you put in” when you purchase your linens, you should expect the same when you get them laundered.  At no point in our process will KEMTEX ever commingle your laundry items with that of another medical facility.  What you send out is what you will have returned.  Eliminate a cross contamination risk. Besides, why should someone else benefit from the items you just purchased?

Specialty Items are Our Specialty

What You Expect From a Hospital Laundry Service...

KEMTEX Healthcare Laundry Services will pick up and clean the items you expect like cubicle privacy and shower curtains, draperies, bedding and comforters, scrubs and lab coats and even micro fiber items.  

… And What You Don’t

However, KEMTEX, will also handle items others typically don’t, like Maternity items, mammography robes, NICU packs,  hot packs and physical therapy pads. Kemtex can offer flexible schedules for pick ups and deliveries any time of day or night, any day of the week. Depending on the size of the order we can return it within 24 hours.

For more information or to receive your free quote contact us or call (800)201-4686.