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Kemtex now introduces the Personal Protection Go Kit.  A compact portable kit that contains the essential emergency items you and your employees need to keep you safe when dealing with possible exposure to contagions.


Face masks, gloves, sanitizers; who would have thought that these would be useful, let alone required, tools for anyone outside of the medical industry?  The times we live in require us to take new precautions, not just for our own sake but for the sake of others as well.  No matter what industry you are in there is no conceivable way you can avoid contact with others and by extension, possible contact with Covid-19 or other infectious agents that could lead to serious health issues, or even, in the best case scenario, loss of productivity.


The kit comes complete with two VFlex N95 particulate respirator 9105 masks by 3M™.  Both masks feature an adjustable nose clip to help maintain a tight seal.  Specially designed tabs help position the mask on your face while flexible pleats means the mask won’t shift out of place while talking.  Their fold flat design keeps them intact while in storage.


The kit also features Medline™ clear safety glasses.  Their wrap around design offers protection from the front and side and they are large enough to be worn over prescription eyewear.   Also included are two pairs of Curad™ powder-free nitrile exam gloves.  These one size fits most, latex free gloves are medical grade and meet ASTM standard D6319.


Rounding out the kit is a 4oz bottle of Cal Stat Plus antiseptic hand rub.  This alcohol based sanitizer is a hypoallergenic no rinse formula designed for healthcare settings.  Despite the fact that it is strong enough to kill 99.9999% of MRSA, VRE, and CRE within 5 seconds, it has also shown to moisturize and lotion skin for up to 2 hours.  


Of course no PPE kit would be complete without disinfecting wipes.  A 30 count package of Clorox™ Healthcare VersaSure Cleaner disinfectant wipes is included.  These alcohol free wipes kill viruses on contact in 30 seconds and bacteria in 2 minutes.  All of these items come conveniently packed in a 22cm X 30cm zippered carrying case with strap. 


Covid-19 is not going away quietly, and even if it does it’s clear that there are no safeguards that 2020 won’t repeat itself with something new. Keep yourself, your employees, and your clients safe.  The Personal Protection Go Kit, by KemTex.  


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