Furniture Re-Upholstering and Repair

KEMTEX specializes in the following types of furniture: 

Waiting Room   Patient Room    Physical Therapy Tables  

Hospitality    Restaurant Booths & Chairs  

Extending the life of your professional furniture is not as expensive as you think. KEMTEX’s trained and experienced craftsmen can save you time, and inconvenience, as well as your budget and image.  


Furniture can be a hefty but necessary investment for your business.  While a brand new chair in a lounge or waiting room may not attract a lot of notice, one that is worn out, old, and not in the best of shape certainly will, but not the kind you want.  Replacing furniture is expensive and under certain circumstances, can take a long time.   Once again the team at KEMTEX has an alternative solution.


Instead of purchasing all new furnishings, let KEMTEX’s team of professionals refurbish, repair and update your existing furniture pieces.  We can update your pieces by reupholstering them, and restore wood to its original luster and beauty.  When necessary we can also provide structural repairs as well.


KEMTEX has experience extending the life of commercial furniture for the Healthcare industry such as waiting room chairs, physical therapy tables, and patient room furniture.  However, we also do tables, chairs and booths for the restaurant sector, and lounge and lobby furnishings for the hospitality industry.


Contact us today for details and discover for yourself how affordable and practical restoring your furniture can be.


Corporate Offices

13900 Senlac Drive

Dallas, TX 75234

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