Drapery Dry Cleaning

KEMTEX specializes in dry cleaning and sanitizing the following types of window treatments: 

Draperies  Sheers    Valances & Cornices   Cascades & Swags

Roller / Solar Shades   Roman Shades   

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Commercial Drapery Dry Cleaning Services

KEMTEX has over 40 years experience as a commercial cleaning company.  That includes curtains, draperies, sheers, valances & cornices, cascades, swags, roller shades, solar shades and roman shades.  Our knowledge of dry cleaning methods and procedures are the reason why our expertise is the most sought after in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and it’s guaranteed!  

The KEMTEX Difference

We Guarantee Your Satisfaction

We know we’re the best at what we do.  That’s why we are the only commercial Drapery Dry Cleaning provider to guarantee that you will be satisfied with our results.

Drapery Dry Cleaning is Our Expertise

The majority of drapery cleaning companies are actually carpet cleaning companies who have tacked on upholstery and draperies as an additional revenue stream.  They try to apply carpet steam cleaning techniques to draperies while still on the rod.  Additionally unlike these other companies KEMTEX is uniquely capable of making repairs to any type of window treatment that may need them.

The Right Way to Clean

Steam cleaning your drapes while still hanging is not an effective method. It won’t completely remove dirt, stains, and dust particulates or reach deep into pleats where dirt actually accumulates, and will actually embed the soil even further, while leaving your drapery looking wrinkled.

Effective, Convenient and Fast

KEMTEX Works for You

KEMTEX knows that most businesses clean their window treatments once every few years, so we make sure your experience is  smooth, convenient, and causes as few interruptions to your day-to-day operations as possible.  This includes a crew who are experts at installing window treatments so your staff doesn’t have to.  It also means that if needed we can provide temporary draperies while yours are being cleaned.

Thorough and Gentle Cleaning

The cleaning process starts with the removal of dust and particulates.  Then we pre-spot the fabric.  The dry cleaning process for your window treatments will vary depending on the style and fabrics, but in most cases we will employ a dry cleaning machine.  Once your drapes are dried they will be pressed or steamed, folded, bagged, delivered and installed.

Quick Turnaround

We know that your business probably doesn’t take a break so we move as fast as you.  In most cases we can have your window treatments cleaned, returned, and reinstalled within 36 to 72 hours.


KEMTEX Services Multiple Industries


KEMTEX began its life serving the medical establishment and now provides facility services and products to 9the majority of hospitals in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  We know that all surfaces in a medical facility carry the potential for cross-contamination.  That’s why KEMTEX not only cleans but sanitizes and disinfects your window treatments and draperies.


Whether a restaurant dining room or a hotel suite, or ballroom we know that you have invested a lot in your draperies and window coverings.  We know because we have spent over 40 years manufacturing them.  No matter the style or fabric, KEMTEX can handle it.  Whether it’s a 42” by 36” shade for a small bathroom window or 30’ by 50’ drape for a ballroom, KEMTEX will care for it with equal attention to detail.


In addition to elaborate draperies, sheers, cascades and swags, KEMTEX also specializes in cleaning roller shades, solar shades, and roman shades.  You don’t have to sacrifice productivity for clean window treatments.  KEMTEX is fast and unobtrusive.


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