Who is KEMTEX?


You may have come here while searching for an environmental service provider, but in truth KEMTEX is a provider of first impressions, and has been for over four decades.  Starting in the healthcare industry where “clean” wasn’t just an aesthetic choice but a health and safety demand,  


KEMTEX eventually became a leader in the field and now services over 50 healthcare facilities and 90% of the hospitals in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. From terminal cleaning to upholstery, floor, and laundry services.  


KEMTEX cleans, sanitizes, and disinfects the surfaces and items throughout your facility.  We don’t just provide cleaning services though, we also repair, manufacture, and install curtains, draperies, blinds and shades. 


Our services are not limited to the healthcare industry, however.  We are sought after by leaders in the hospitality, construction and corporate world.  With fast turnaround times and thorough attention to detail, KEMTEX doesn’t just clean, we work with you to find solutions to your unique situations.  


Whether you are looking to completely outsource your establishment’s regularly scheduled cleaning and sanitizing services, or you require a special service, or you need a qualified crew to work under your direction, KEMTEX can be your one source and single point of contact.


You only get one chance to make a first impression, and first impressions are usually made on a potential client before you are ever in the same room with them.  They start to form from the moment a client pulls up in front of your facility, shaped as they walk through the lobby, and set in stone somewhere between the reception desk and your greeting. What impression are you making? 


Please explore all of the services and products we have to offer and contact us for pricing and any other additional questions.  Let us be your first impression providers.